Space for Humanity is a five-day a bootcamp for future impact entrepreneurs equipping them with ideas, tech and community.


During the week, changemakers from diverse backgrounds learn from pioneering impact and space entrepreneurs and experts. They build transformative ideas leveraging space and space technology to positively impact the future of people and the planet.


The bootcamp takes place between 8th-12th of November 2021 in Espoo, Finland.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for curious and impact-driven people to participate in the bootcamp. You might have a background in tech, business, social sciences, humanities, design, art and many more! You can be new to space or a long-time space enthusiast. The program is designed for both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.


The final selection of the participants will be made based on motivation, skills and overall diversity of skills and backgrounds. 

Participation in the program is free-of-charge. Participants are responsible in organising and covering any travel and accommodation they might need.

You need to have a close connection to the country of Finland in order to qualify.

Find out more on our FAQ page.

We have decided to postpone the bootcamp until November and have therefore opened up for a few extra spots! You can apply for a spot before 17th of October 2021. Make sure to send in an application as soon as possible, as we will fill up the seats on a rolling basis.


23rd of August 2021

Why Space for Humanity?

On the first day, we set the scene, dive into the challenges we wish to address and get inspired by leading impact entrepreneurs.


24th of August 2021

Tech & Space

On the second day, we'll explore exponential technologies disrupting industries and learn about startups and others working with upstream space tech.


25th of August 2021

SpaceTech for Earth

On this day, we'll travel through most impactful space technologies already creating impact on Earth. We'll also learn about designing for space and using as a design method, and close the day by inquiring into the future of humanity & space.


26th of August 2021

Space Business

On the fourth day, it's time for us to learn from space entrepreneurs and dive into key elements of impact entrepreneurship within the space sector. We'll also start the 12-hour team journey into creating transformative ideas leveraging space and space tech.


27th of August 2021

Ideas for Humanity

On the final day, we'll continue building on the ideas generated, and get ready to pitch them to a wider group of key ecosystem players. We'll reflect on what we bring home from the bootcamp, and look ahead on our role in leveraging space for humanity.


Featured speakers

Lauri Reuter

Founder & Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC

Feeding the spaceship

Ji Won Bang

Sales Development at Planet


Satellite Data: Making change on Earth visible, accessible, and actionable, every day

Märtha Rehnberg

co-founder and partner at DareDisrupt

Space to think anew - innovating in an era of planetary decay

Chairman at Aurora Propulsion Technologies

Space business - Aurora's story

Roope Takala

Are you looking for innovative ways to make a positive impact on the world?

Are you curious about the potential of space and space technologies in addressing global challenges?

Data from space & radical transparency

Designing for space: closed loops and circular solutions

Digital manufacturing

Leveraging A.I. and machine learning for smart solutions

Nanotechnology, biotechnology and the future of materials

Space as a creative constraint: Future of food and habitats

Impact entrepreneurship: people, planet and profit

Planetary boundaries and global challenges

I gained immense inspiration and sense of hope and agency invoked by working and learning alongside ambitious and talented changemakers.

Participant of the predecessor of Space for Humanity, Founders of Tomorrow 2020 

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As someone who had no involvement in space before the bootcamp, I found it amazing to learn more about the possibilities offered by space. As an entrepreneur it really excites me that the scope of my activities truly has no ceiling.

Participant of the predecessor of Space for Humanity, Founders of Tomorrow 2020 

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I learned what I can do to transform society for the good, developed my entrepreneurial mindset and gained invaluable insights on space tech.

Participant of the predecessor of Space for Humanity, Founders of Tomorrow 2020 

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November 8th-12th, 2021 in Espoo, Finland

bootcamp for future impact entrepreneurs

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